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The Collected Card Magic Of Mark Leveridge - Volumes 1 - 4

The definitive collection of practical Mark Leveridge card magic


With a combined total of 47 Mark Leveridge card effects, these E-Books provide a rich resource of quality workable card magic. £10.00 per E-Book

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The Mark Leveridge October Podcast

I reflect that it's not easy as a self employed business person to clear the desks before going on holiday : Wittus Witt asks whether close up magic really has any place at modern large conventions : creativity is all about making choices, but this can present you with a dilemma : Shin Lim brings a theatrical importance to his visual close up miracles in America's Got Talent : how much do you value magical advice? : cancellation clauses in performance contracts can cause more problems than they solve

E-Club Pro Member Updates - October

The TricKlip Viewer - watch and learn a terrific multi-phase regular deck card routine called The Free Selection Collectors
The Vintage Vault - this time I reveal a close up show/parlour show effect using three borrowed finger rings called Ring Bling
The Audio Booth - in part 8 I discuss how to make low runs of personalised business cards for trade show work
The Advice Centre - questions on the best coin vanish and how to prevent the last table you entertain at a dinner function from feeling ignored
The Book Corner - an explanation of two more ways to create new magic are extracted from A Simple Guide To Creativity
The Tool Box - this time a slightly tricky but very worthwhile coin move called the Throw Vanish is explained
The Lecture Room - the second part of the Academy Inner Circle Session is an explanation of The Coin Collector's Purse
The Archive - last month's main sections from the E-Video Newsletter have been added enabling you to refer back to them whenever you wish
The Download Portal - your downloadable pdf routine this month is a really different effect called Partners which is ideal for entertaining a family group

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