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What's New For May?

The May E-Video Newsletter

The E-Video Newsletter is a magazine style online video programme featuring 6 interesting sections consisting of The Teach In, Top Tips, The Strolling Magician Unplugged, Web Offers, 60 Seconds To Success and The Review Corner. Access costs just £2.00! Click above for more info.

The Mark Leveridge May Podcast

Podcast Gold

Here are six of my favourite Podcast articles which I have collected together from Podcasts released over the last year. I hope you enjoy hearing them again, or if you missed them, for the first time!

Fee negotiation - do you allow your rates to be a subject of discussion with a potential booker? : I offer a theory about when you should hand write a prediction and when it is OK to have it pre-printed : I explain why I think going back to tables more than once is not a good idea : comedy is as much about consistently selecting appropriate lines to suit our performing personality as it is about the lines themselves : your credibility as a magician is important for potential bookers, so here's a way to ensure you get some : card to wallet - is it better to go down the palm-and-load route, or are the no-palm versions just as valid?

E-Club Pro Member Updates - May

The TricKlip Viewer - watch and learn a cool effect called Name Dropper in which a spectator's name jumps from one card back to another
The Download Portal - download the pdf instructions for a very different type of effect called  Partners  which is great for a close up or parlour show
The Advice Centre - I field questions on what to do when a spectator is being difficult and on which type of roughing solution is best
The Vintage Vault 
- the Pro Ring On Glasses is added to the Vault this time, a brilliant routine straight from own current working repertoire

The Book Corner
 - the latest extract from A Simple Guide To Creativity continues the exploration of the ways to come up with new ideas

The Audio Booth
 - the 3rd clip taken from the Trade Show Magic Audio Book talks about understanding the client's aims

The Tool Box
 - I explain the Paul Morris Click Pass which is an great way to apparently place two coins into your hand when really there is only one

The Archive
 - even if you watch the E-Video Newsletter when it first comes out, the Archive is a great place to re-visit most of the main content

The Lecture Room
 - part 17 from my Penguin Live Lecture sees me explaining two further ring and string moves

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The Strolling Magician - everything you need to know to get you successfully performing commercial close up plus 18 suitable routines to learn and use. £20.00

Forever Flapping Plus - learn how to make and then use a whole range of cleverly gimmicked individual envelopes. Make the humble envelope your secret weapon! £20.00

The Master Routine Series - Collected Works - detailed illustrated instructions for 12 longer feature close up and stand up routines. Great variety, top magic. £20.00

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