Safety Catch - £10.00

Premier E-Routine Download

This is ideal for walkabout performance or a set close up or parlour show.

A length of rope is handed out for examination and the ends are then tied to form a rope loop.

A spectator's watch is borrowed and the strap done up so that the watch is also in a loop. The watch is then threaded on to the double strands of the rope loop which is held between the two hands.

By moving his hands up and down, the performer shows how the watch can slide up and down the rope, but provided he does not let go with either of his hands, the watch is safe on the rope.

Then the magician says he will demonstrate how to make the watch even safer. Suddenly the watch is seen to visibly penetrate one of the rope strands so that it is now linked onto the inside of the rope loop itself!

The watch can be clearly seen to be secured on the rope loop, and the performer has to untie the ends of the rope in order to slide the watch off to return it to its owner.

This quick trick looks really surprising. One moment the watch is threaded over  the two rope strands, the next it has penetrated onto the loop. Some practice will be required to get the link move smooth, but get it right and it seems to instantly and visibly penetrate the rope.

This effect is supplied as a Premier E-Routine, which is a downloadable pdf text file which contains a link to additional downloadable video instructions. You will need to supply your own regular magician's rope.