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Podcast 78 - June 2019

Magic that is designed to be filmed for social media use may not always be suitable for real world performance : it pays to be aware that lay people assistants may misinterpret your instructions because they are intimidated by being up on a stage : magic that impresses us can often be seen completely differently by lay people : when people retire from their real job it provides the opportunity to do more magic and to become 'professional' - but what do the magic pros do? : when is it right to work for free in order to put yourself in front of the right people? : online agencies have created a race to the bottom in terms of fees leaving most of the good entertainers with no bookings

Podcast 77 - May 2019

Does Uri Geller really still need to make wild claims in the media? : if your spectators have paid specifically to see you perform there is perhaps more pressure on you to deliver than if you are just the 'hired help' : getting started at a gig as a strolling magician can be tricky to know the exact right moment to jump in : I consider the assertion by Dr. Kuhn that magic is an enjoyable sensation because the audience knows that magic is not real : Anthony Owen's demise is a real shock and a huge loss to magic : the second hand magic market is surely going to be affected by the lack of physical trick instructions : I anticipate my annual trip to the marvellous 4Fs close up magic convention in the US

Podcast 76 - April 2019

The show fee debate rages on, but I make the case that all fee amounts have equal validity : if you never perform magic for the lay public, does that mean you should have no involvement with magic at all? : we are all guilty sometimes of performing tricks that we like and not necessarily ones that our audiences like : musicians can teach magicians much about dedication : if you could create the perfect magic convention, what would it look like? : lay people are sometimes impressed simply because they do not know the secret rather than by the skills that brought about the magic

Podcast 75 - March 2019

Blackpool is over for another year and I give some observations, including comments on those gold wrist bands! : Morgan and West show the way to look at classics and create something better : Ian Brennan reveals a singular way to get your name remembered by spectators : Judging Arrival Times - an audio advice track extracted from a recent Mark's Monthly Message : is getting to the magic 'moment' as quickly as possible, always the right way to go? : the variety of dealers at Blackpool is even more diverse than ever

Podcast 74 - February 2019

Reflections on The Event and The Session from last month : do mentalists have a more difficult job than magicians presenting their effects as strolling entertainers? : if you want to work your magic for local businesses, get involved in your local business community : why face-to-face conversation will stimulate and progress your magic quicker than anything else : when creating new magic, should you start with the effect or the method? : the biggest challenge for busy performers is maintaining a freshness and spontaneity of presentation

Podcast 73 - January 2019

The launch of the new Mark Leveridge Magic website is getting closer and I give an update about what it will be like : I reflect on the latest Magic Clips get together and compare it to the traditional magic convention : why do some spectators think it is OK to rummage through the magician's clothing if they want to find out how a trick is done? : the sophistication of some modern dealers is amazing when compared to 30 years ago : if a spectator can come up with even a simplistic and inaccurate explanation for your magic, it still diminishes the impact of it in their eyes : the true story of the lady spectator who found a way to get maximum value for money