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Web Offers - October 2018

1. Perfect Intuition

2. The Ring Competition

 Web Offer No.1

Perfect Intuition

Premier E-Routine Download

The performer selects a lady with the object of discovering whether she has female intuition or not. Spreading a pile of envelopes, each one of which contains a double blank card, he invites her to select any one and to remove the card from inside.

The lady helper now nominates and names any person around the table who she is emotionally close to or with whom she feels she has some empathy. It could be a relative, a close friend or maybe even her husband! Let’s say she selects a close friend called Sophie.

She writes the name of her chosen person, Sophie, on the back of her chosen blank card and then returns it to the envelope. Five more envelopes are then added and all six are shuffled and mixed by the performer and then by the lady herself so that no one could have any idea which one contains the card with Sophie written on it.

The six envelopes are now going to be distributed to people round the table in an order selected by the lady herself. In any random way that she wishes, she points to fellow diners and they receive an envelope from the shuffled pile. At some stage she must point to Sophie, but this can be right at the start with the first envelope, or at the end or at any point along the way. It is her decision.

Despite the fact that the lady helper selected any card to write on, that she shuffled the pile of envelopes herself, that she was the one who decided who received which envelope, such is her amazing intuition, when the spectators themselves remove the cards from their envelopes, Sophie discovers she has been given the card with her name on!

Presented correctly this is a real reputation maker and is something people tend to talk about afterwards as it all seems so impossible.

This effect is supplied as a Premier E-Routine, which is a downloadable pdf text file which contains a link to additional downloadable video instructions. You will need to supply some ordinary pay envelopes and some double blank cards.

Oct 2018 Web Offer Price: £7.00
(a saving of £4.00 on the regular cost)

 Web Offer No.2

The Ring Competition

There are many ring and rope routines in print and there are a whole host of ingenious moves which a performer can use. But if we are honest with ourselves, how many of these routines can really be said to be entertaining to a lay audience? Often the presentation is all but forgotten and so the routine becomes simply an exhibition of clever handling and little more.

I wanted to find a way of involving an audience in a ring and rope routine so that it would leave them entertained as well as fooled, and THE RING COMPETITION is the answer I came up with. One of the great assets of this presentation is that it can be adapted to a number of different audiences or performing situations, and in fact I have used it for children’s shows as well as adult events.

This routine is designed for stand up or stage work, and I have used it countless numbers of times with great success. Although the presentation is the key thing here, and you could of course use any three ring moves to accompany it, I have described the ones that I use as they seem to fit rather nicely.

This routine is available as a Master E-Routine pdf download file, which comes with a fully illustrated text description.

Oct 2018 Web Offer Price: £6.00

(a saving of £4.00 on the regular cost)

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