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Web Offers - October 2017

1. The Borrowed Ring On Pencil TricKlip

2. Marketing Yourself

 Web Offer No.1

The Borrowed Ring On Pencil TricKlip

The Ring On Wand has for years been an effect that I have wanted to do, but I have never come across a method which I felt looked magical enough. The traditional idea of secretly threading the ring onto the wand and then holding it covered by the hand while a spectator takes both ends has always left me feeling dissatisfied as I felt there must be a better way of achieving the effect.

The plot is one I have returned to repeatedly over the years and now I have devised a handling which I feel gets over many of the weak points found in other routines.

I started with the premise that I wanted to achieve the trick with a BORROWED ring and that the wand, or in my case pencil, should be ungimmicked and thus examinable.

The breakthrough for me came when I decided to add the use of a handkerchief and to combine one or two moves not normally associated with the handling of finger rings, and the result is the routine offered here.

Although not particularly difficult, this will require practice to get it smooth. Done correctly the illusion of the ring penetrating on to the pencil is, I believe, very magical and surprising and worth the effort required to get the handling up to a good standard.

This great routine is available on offer here as a TricKlip Video Download.

Oct 2017 Web Offer Price: £6.00
(a saving of £4.00 on the regular cost)

 Web Offer No.2

Marketing Yourself

The Professional Worker Series - Volume 4

The Professional Worker Series is a selection of targeted and focused E-Books which offer professional, sound advice on a number of key magical areas.

The E-Books are written in an easy to understand style which cuts out all the waffle and padding, and instead gets right to the core of each subject.

Volume 4 in this series concentrates on the many different ways now available to magicians to promote themselves in order to get paid bookings. If you don't know your SEO from your ROI, or if you're not sure whether online or offline marketing is best, this 35 page book will provide you with many of the answers.

The 7 chapters included are as follows:

Chapter 1 A Marketing Overview
Chapter 2 Identifying Your Customer Avatar
Chapter 3 Offline Advertising Opportunities
Chapter 4 Online Advertising Opportunities
Chapter 5 Other Marketing Ideas
Chapter 6 Taking Your Advertising Seriously
Chapter 7 The Final Hurdle

Since the demise of Yellow Pages as a viable form of promotion for the aspiring commercial magician, the comparative complexity of modern day advertising choices can seem a bit bewildering. But rather than just do nothing, or waste time concentrating on something that is probably never going to work for you, read the information in this book and then you will feel better informed and far more aware of what you need to do.

Promotion doesn't have to be a daunting task, but it does need to be approached with a more informed attitude than in the past, so if you are looking to either return to a level of bookings you had previously, or you are seeking to increase your turnover from paid shows in the future, this book will help you do do just that.

Knowledge is power, and the informative, easy-to-understand format of this advice book will give you the knowledge that you can use to your best advantage.

Oct 2017 Web Offer Price: £6.00
(a saving of £4.00 on the regular cost)

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