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Web Offers - August 2018

1. Credit Transfer

2. The Table Magician

 Web Offer No.1

Credit Transfer

Two for the price of one here as with Credit Transfer you get a mental effect and a piece of magic together! A borrowed credit card is slipped into a small envelope. Two paperback books are shown and the pages are riffled of one of the books until a spectator calls 'stop'. The credit card in the envelope is dropped into the book to mark the place. The second book is now opened to reveal an envelope is already inside it, and the page it rests on turns out to match the page just selected in the first book. Then the credit card vanishes from the envelope in the first book and arrives inside the envelope in the second book.

This is supplied as a TricKlip Video Download.

August 2018 Web Offer Price: £4.00
(a saving of £3.00 on the regular cost)

 Web Offer No.2

The Table Magician

The Professional Worker Series is a selection of targeted and focused E-Books which offer professional, sound advice on a number of key performance areas.

The E-Books are written in an easy to understand style which cuts out all the waffle and padding, and instead gets right to the core of each subject.

Volume 3 in this series takes a close look at what is required to work commercial magic at a table side.

It's probably true to say that more opportunities are available for close up magicians to work at a table side than for any other form of close up. From big dinner functions with large numbers of tables through to hotels, restaurants and pubs, the commercial close up magician will regularly be asked to cope with performing under some often quite demanding situations.

In this 27 page E-Book I take a detailed look at all aspects of this type of work. I talk about the different size and lay outs of tables and what this means to you as a performer, I explain the diffculties you are likely to encounter from waiting staff, absent diners, and a myriad of other distractions, and I point out many of the pitfalls that this type of performance throws up and how you can avoid them.

Even if you are new to this type of work, this E-Book will cover everything that you need to get you started. The types of tricks to use, when  and how to approach tables in the first place, plus a host of other important factors are all explained clearly and with practical considerations in mind. This is a book for workers that takes you logically through the facts and provides you with relevant information that will give you the confidence to take on this style of magic.

August 2018 Web Offer Price: £6.00

(a saving of £4.00 on the regular cost)

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